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10 Cruel things men do to women

You love it or you hate it, but you can ignore it – Yes, we are talking about man’s lifetime. Probably is the creature more love in your life, but it can also be the perpetual torture in ways more than one.


10-Things-You-Shouldnt-Say-to-your-Boyfriend-01Here, we bring you the 10 cruel things men do to women…

1: Have the largest ego: ever wondered why men hate taking directions and prefer to hunt the place on their own, even if it means 2 hours delay and loss of gas. Well, the answer is the big ego that walk. This was the issue most petty ego of a man, that gets hurt in the fall of the hat and need a massage whenever possible.


2: Live with a “selective memory”: they not only to remember the name of each player and soccer player of the planet but also know their scores by heart. However, when it is to remember birthdays and anniversaries of people close to them, your brain suffers from a disease called “selective memory syndrome”.

3: Looking (read in breasts): ‘men stare at the breasts of women’ has been stamped as a civil servant in a study around the world. But how we wish that they knew that their drooling at the sight of a well endowed woman is cruel not only to the victim of this look, but also to the woman sitting next to them. Yes, they don’t miss a chance, although it is when they are on a date!

4: Be openly possessive: where in the world men got that insecurity of? (His mother).They blame women for being jealous, but a mere mention of another man from your little girl can become a magnet cling.

5: Takes pride in its hypocrisy: men cannot have more cruel than this! They love to walk with the chica most cool and sexy in the city, but when it comes to the breast of the meeting, it’s a girl “homely” begin to hunt. You loved your dress style and carefree when she came to nightspots with you, what with that hunting material marriage now?

6: Show extra care: do you feel to take your calls ‘where-approaches of’ every 15 minutes after leaving home? Care in this gesture goes out the window and irritation takes charge. Don’t count that we live safe, sound and perfectly well in this world until they came into our lives. I hope that someone is listening.

7: By launching his ‘superman’ of the same one everywhere: Yes, feels good when men are around a little help. However, their ‘I-can-do-everything-under-the-sun’ attitude wrong that well, especially when they believe to be beings exalted — a plumber, electrician, Carpenter, and a financial planner all in one.

8: Consider emotions to be shit: women could be emotional but having a constant practical point of view, as men do not, always scoring. Men will be best sure beings, if they no longer make fun of the feelings and ignore them as useless.

9: Being worshipers of the friend: is very torture for women when men do not learn the priorities of your life post marriage. Blame you for being a vine when she asks for his time, but would healthy is having a lot of friends in the back seat on a long drive, which was planned to be a romantic?

10: Being the sexual monster: no doubt, women zest’s love in bed, but is very cruel men to require their partners to play the porn star who saw that movie last night. It is better to let her be herself in a sexapade instead of putting her in a situation connected and then blaming it for being non-cooperative.

– Worldnewspub