1,01,000 to perform hajj this year

A total of 1,01,000 people will perform hajj from Bangladesh this year.

urlOf them, 10,000 pilgrims will perform hajj under government management while the rest under private management, Hajj Agencies Association of Bangladesh (HAAB) president Md Ibrahim Bahar informed this at a press briefing at the National Press Club on Saturday.

He said an agreement was signed in this regard with the Saudi government in Saudi Arabia on February 16.

He said the Saudi government has introduced full electronic web portal service for the hajj pilgrims this year.

Under the service, the hajj pilgrims will be able to get all necessary information, including house rent, from home though internet.

This year each hajj pilgrim will have to deposit 250 real as bank guarantee which was only 50 real in the previous year, he said.

The hajj pilgrims will have to pay their house rent and other charges through bank account this year, he added

News Source:  UNB