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Shahriar Islam Shovon

Price Sensitive Information of Dulamia Cotton

The Board of Directors of Dulamia Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd announced its Price Sensitive Information of 2017 in a meeting held on 29th October 2017 at its office at Anchor Tower at Bir Bit Uttam CR Datta Raod in the city. The information and accounts are given below: Dulamia1Dula...
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Saifur appointed new MD of CSE

Mr. M. Saifur Rahman Mazumder, ex- Chief Executive Officer of Minhar Group was appointed as the new Managing Director (MD) of Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited (CSE). A BSEC says  in a press release that MD of CSEjpgthe Commission meeting held on Thursday approved the appointment of the new Managing Director of CSE. Mr. Mohammad Abdul Majid, Chairman of CSE informed that the Board of CSE has selected Mr. Saifur and the Commission has given the Final approval. Mr. Saifur is a fellow member of ICMAB and also ICAB....