4th Leathertech Expo from November 3

 A three-day long international exhibition on machinery, components, chemicals & accessories for leather, footwear and leather goods will begin at International Convention City, Bashundara on November 3, 2016 to display the global and local technology.

The 4th edition of the exposition styled “Leathertech Bangladesh- 2016” is being organized by ASK Trade & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd at Hall No. 3, 4 and 5 at International Convention City, Bashundara. The fair will remain open from 11:00am to 7:00pm every day for all.

Some 250 exhibitors from Bangladesh, China, India, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Germany, UK, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea will showcase machinery for tanning image-2leather, manufacturing footwear and leather goods along with components, dyes & chemicals, accessories and allied products. India and China will have two large pavilions at the event.

“The leather industry is eyeing US$5 billion export in next few years. Bangladesh leather industry is set to be the next of RMG sector. Although it’s an ambitious target by all parameters, it is very much possible to achieve the target. It reflects an opportunity as well as the challenges too. The industry is at a take-off mode to conquer the world,” said Nanda Gopal K, Director of ASK Trade & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd.

“In this context, the role of technology, components and accessories cannot be understated. Exhibitors from 15 countries and technology leaders from around the globe will display their latest innovations and services at the LEATHERTECH Bangladesh-2016 that will help the local leather industry to choose their desired one,” he said.

Leather goods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) is providing lead supporter to the exhibition, while the strategic partners of the event are Centre of Excellence for Leather Skill Bangladesh Ltd (COEL). The exposition is also supported by Bangladesh Finished Leather, Leather goods & Footwear Exporter Association (BFLLFEA), Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA), Bangladesh Paduka Prostutkarak Samity (BPPS) and endorsed by Council for Leather Exports (CLE) and Indian Footwear Components Manufacturers Association (IFCOMA).

Sectoral overview:

Bangladesh is attracting increasing interest from International investors as an emerging preferred low-cost manufacturing hub in Asia with a steadily growing economy, abundant, easy to train and affordable young labor force, preferential market access and strategic geo-economic location. Bangladesh offers exciting invest opportunities under its liberalized industrial policy, export-oriented, private sector-led growth, and the new specialized economic zones (SEZ) being offered. The rising international investment ratings highlight the growing attractiveness of Bangladesh as an investment destination for leather and footwear sector.

The Government of Bangladesh has identified the leather sector as one with considerable growth and investment potential ranked fifth in the export earning sector. Currently Bangladesh produces and exports quality bovine and ovine, caprine (buffalo and cow; sheep and goat) leathers that have a good international reputation for fine textured skins. However, the entire leather sector meets only 0.1% of the world’s leather trade worth US$75 billion.

The sector directly employs approximately 558,000 people. Rapidly ongoing work at the new leather park is expected to bring a clear transformation to the leather industry with marked increase in production, product diversification and new product lines with increased sustainability of the sector. Sustainable and cleaner production will be a key issue for the development without placing burdens on the environment.

Developed countries are treating Bangladesh’s leather sector as a secure for investment. However, the sector has a rather constrained demand structure in the domestic market due to the limited national purchasing power. Nevertheless, industry insiders are expecting a growth in the domestic market in consideration of the fact that approximately 10% of Bangladesh’s total population (around 15 million) is estimated to have an income level comparable to that of the developed countries.

Hence, there appears to be a large unexplored domestic market for footwear and other leather products for Bangladesh with an estimated demand for 30 million pairs per year. The European Union (EU) is the biggest destination for footwear exports with a 60% share, followed by Japan with 30%, and the rest of the world accounting for 10%. Bangladesh has 1% share of the world footwear market.

Exports of Leather Sector                                                                 (In USD million)

Financial                   Leather                   Leathergoods                   Footwear                Total          Target       Growth

Year                        Export    %            Export     %                           Export       %

2014-15 397.54 35.16      249.16 22.04                      494.83 42.80       1130.51   1397.28   -12.75%

2015-16 277.90 23.94      388.22 33.44                      494.83 42.62     1160.95   1212.81       2.65%


Exhibit profile at Leathertech Bangladesh 2016 will be broadly as under