5 cities having impact on real estate sector in BD

The real estate industry is booming day by day in Bangladesh, currently there are only two cities which are in spotlight. of this sector and expanding every day. There are some other cities which have strong potential influence on the real estate sector in near future.

Cox’s Bazar:

5-top-citiesCox’s Bazar is the city with the longest beach in the world and on the rise to becoming a tourist hotspot. Whether you are looking for an undeveloped land or constructed property, prices are still fairly moderate. Investors are constantly building new hotels to meet the growing demand. The plots in the area are suitable for resorts, hotels, housing, or amusement parks; perfect for anyone thinking of investing in the tourism hub of the country. The versatility of the land is especially attractive as the options are endless.


A major city in the North East of the country, Sylhet is surrounded by tea estates, hills, rivers and valleys. Many of the Sylhet residents currently live in abroad across: the, UK, the USA and Canada. With foreign remittance coming in as investment, the real estate sector in Sylhet is developing quickly.


Just two hours’ drive from Dhaka City, this city has all the potential to be one of the most important hubs in the country. Real estate developers have already started many projects here for both residential and commercial projects.


One of the major cities of Bangladesh that is well known for its industrial background. There are many large jute mills in Khalishpur near the city that are processing: jute fiber, besides the other heavy industries such as: Khulna News Print Mills and Khulna Hardboard Mills. The country’s second seaport, Mongla Port, and the country’s only ship building yard are both the in Khulna division.


Rajshahi is one of seven metropolitan cities in Bangladesh. It is already a well-structured city. The agricultural sector of Rajshahi is very strong, apart from the usual agricultural products of Bangladesh, such as: rice, wheat, potatoes and lentils, Rajshahi is specially suited for various other crops. The need for new premises is increasing daily in this city, there is plenty scope for the real estate sector to grow steadily here.