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An off-duty staff nurse of Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore (FPH) saved a stroke victim from road. Staff Nurse (SN) Steve Mocsoy had just finished his shift on 22nd May, Monday evening and was on his way home when he noticed a car had hit the railings along the road and a lady was trying to revive the driver. He knew the man required medical assistance and quickly called the hospital to activate Code Pink. He called back to Farrer Park Hospital and activated Code Pink. (A message announced over a hospital’s public address system warning the staff). In just five minutes, the emergency staff were at the scene of the accident, treating the stroke image002victim. The man was pale and his breathing was unsteady, but there were no signs of trauma or bleeding.

The Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) was called in, while the team of five nurses and two doctors attended to the patient, who was stuck in the driver’s seat. They carefully reclined the seat to lower him into a more comfortable position and stabilized his condition, ensuring his airway was clear even as he was foaming at the mouth and vomiting. Once the SCDF arrived, they extracted the man from the vehicle and the hospital team handed over the relevant information regarding his condition.

Farrer Park Hospital, Singapore is nestled within connexion, an integrated complex incorporating a five star hotel, a medical centre and a 220 bedded private tertiary hospital. As a hospital and hospitality concept, Farrer Park Hospital is always prepared for medical emergencies that may occur within the facility, be it at the hotel, restaurants, clinics, or even outside the limits of the hospital. Code Pink was a Standard Operating Protocol to activate hospital personnel to assist in such medical emergencies. This outstanding example of public service signifies the greater dedication of these professionals.

Farrer Park Hospital’s staff are well trained for any level of emergency. The Hospital’s focus on efficiency and best clinical outcome is ingrained in all our people across the entire organisation.This coupled with the impeccable service and ambiance makes FPH a renowned destination for many Bangladeshi Patients for medical care and hospitality.

Considering the need and convenience of the Bangladeshi patients Farrer Park Hospital has recently open their office in Dhaka, Bangladesh to help the patient who want to visit Farrer Park Hospital Singapore. The FPH Dhaka office will facilitate the patients with different affairs regarding availing medical care, visa processing and other hospitality related affairs in Farrer Park hospital Singapore.