Aamir’s got a new bulletproof car

After Hrithik Roshan ordered a bulletproof car, it is his senior colleague Aamir Khan who is following suit. The buzz is that Aamir ordered a bulletproof car a few days ago. The actors have taken charge of their own security and wish to avoid any untoward incidents, said our industry sources.

12_aamir_khan“Aamir placed the order a few days ago. Since it’s a specially designed car, Aamir has asked for specific changes to suit his comfort and security needs,” said an associate of Aamir’s.
Another actor who is contemplating investing in a super-swanky and expensive bulletproof car is Aamir’s good friend Salman Khan. Bollywood actors are known to have a fetish for fast cars and bikes. And it’s common enough to find the boys discussing their “toys” when they get together at a party or event. Now Aamir’s car is expected to be among the costliest among those owned by the film industry denizens. The vehicle will be delivered to him soon.