4:14 pm - Sunday February 27, 9081

Alert for Bangladeshis in Kunming

Bangladesh today asked its nationals in Chinese city of Kunming to remain alert hours after knife-wielding terrorists stormed into a railway station and stabbed dead 29 people and wounded at least 130.

china-attack-300No Bangladeshi has been injured in the accident.

Bangladesh Consulate General office in Kunming issued the warning and asked the Bangladeshis to stay inside until further notice, Ashud Ahmed, Directorate General (East Asia and Pacific) at the foreign ministry, told the media.

Meanwhile, Shahnaz Gazi, consul general of Bangladesh in Kunming, is in constant contact with the provincial authorities and foreign ministry of Bangladesh in this regard, Ahmed said.

A group of attackers, dressed in black, burst into the station in the south-west city of Kunming and began stabbing people at random.

Images from the scene posted online showed bodies lying in pools of blood.

Chinese officials have blamed separatists from the north-western Xinjiang region for a mass knife attack at a railway station that left 29 people dead and at least 130 wounded.

-The Daily Star, Dhaka Tribune