Allegations of physical assault against BU teacher

An assistant professor in the law department at Barisal University (BU) has been charged with physically assaulting a student. The student claimed that the instructor insulted him since he was unable to hear the teacher when she called out to him in a loud environment. He has filed a formal written complaint with the university’s vice-chancellor.

It has been learned that ABM Mushfiqur Rahman, a 2018-19 year student in the Department of Finance and Banking, has filed a complaint against Assistant Professor of Law at the University, Supravhat Haldar, on Monday, April 11.

According to the complaint, Mushfiqur Rahman was walking to the ground level from the fourth floor of the academic building at half past noon when the incident occurred. Mushfiqur Rahman walked down to the ground level since he couldn’t hear the phone call because the environment was too loud. He became enraged and began pulling on the collar of his shirt with both hands.

When Mushfiqur asked as to the reason, Suprovhat Haldar, without providing an explanation, grabbed the collar of his shirt and brought him to his room, where he insulted him one by one and tore his shirt. Khorshed Alam, the Proctor of Barisal University, confirmed that the incident occurred.