APAC businesses showing strong agility: Oracle says

Today, Oracle announces the results of its “Oracle Cloud Agility” study and revealed that businesses across Asia Pacific (APAC) are showing strong signs of agility in some areas and clearly recognise the business benefits of agility (i.e., able to adjust quickly to new business opportunities or to iterate new products and services quickly).

However, Oracle’s research also highlights a clear lack of awareness among businesses around oracle_summit_09252013_620_412_100how technology, like Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), can be used to help address challenges such as flexibly managing workloads or rapidly development of new applications. This may leave them at a disadvantage in dealing with competitive threats.

Respondents are clear about the benefits of agility, with 85 percent stating that the ability to rapidly develop, test, and launch new business applications is either important or critically important to the success of their business.

The study also reveals that the impact of agility on competitiveness is critically important to businesses. In fact, the ability of competitors to launch innovative customer services more rapidly was identified as the top threat (29 percent).

In fact, the survey results bear out the assessment that businesses are not fully aware of how PaaS can increase operational agility. Only 26 percent of respondents state that they fully understand what PaaS is.

“Businesses clearly know agility holds the key to their success, but there is an awareness gap around exactly how this agility can be realised through the right technology investments,” said Robert Shimp, Group Vice President, Oracle.