Bangladesh develops mediation training capacity

The Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre (BIAC) in collaboration with Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), UK began the country’s first training programme for trainers in mediation, in Dhaka today at BIAC’s Multi- purpose Room.

DSC_0148_editTen trainees who have previously successfully completed the accreditation course in Mediation were chosen by CEDR. Trainees come from different sectors: lawyers, defence services, bankers, company executives, and teachers. Those being trained will, in future, be able to train others in Mediation techniques, broadening the pool of skilled mediators in Bangladesh

Two trainers from CEDR, Andy Grossman, Director of CEDR and John Quilter, CEDR Skills Team Manager, came from London to conduct the training, which will be held for three days from 22nd October.

Businesses require fast and effective tools for resolving disputes. In keeping with the established practice in the developed and major developing countries, Bangladesh has already brought about changes in our laws incorporating mandatory mediation in civil and money loan cases. Qualified mediation professionals are essential to implement these changes.

This training is a manifestation of BIAC’s commitment to providing a tool to business to resolve their disputes. At the same time, BIAC hopes that the backlog of cases in courts will be reduced with proper implementation of the laws. .

The training has been made possible through generous support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC).