5:16 pm - Wednesday May 24, 6226

Bangladesh eager to learn from Korea’s experience

Korea’s fast economic development is a role model for Bangladesh, which aims to become a middle-income country in seven years, the Ambassador of Bangladesh says.

Zulfiqur Rahman, who was appointed to Korea about 11 months ago, praised Korea for its rapid transformation and ethical world culture, all of which his country has tried to learn.

“We in Bangladesh envy the Korean model of development,” the ambassador said at a luncheon hosted by the Embassy of Bangladesh at Lotte Hotel Seoul on April 20.

Ambassador of Bangladesh to Korea Zulfiqur Rahman speaks at a luncheon hosted by the Embassy of Bangladesh at Lotte Hotel Seoul on April 20. / Courtesy of the Embassy of Bangladesh

“No wonder a stream of Bangladeshi policymakers, government officials, businesspersons and would-be entrepreneurs visits Korea every year trying to learn from the Korean experience of development.”

Rahman said Korea’s economic miracle is not the only charm ― he has become a big fan of Korean culture, dramas in particular.

“I also love Korea for other things as well: Korean food and Korean TV dramas, for example,” he said. “To understand Korean dramas, and also the Korean culture, I am trying to learn the Korean language a little bit. I have thoroughly enjoyed ― as much as I could understand ― the KBS Korean drama ‘Descendants of the Sun.’”

And just like Korea, Bangladesh boasts a rich, diverse culture, which is relatively unknown here, the ambassador said.

There are more than eight national festivals in Bangladesh, including the Puja-Hindu religious festival and the Pitha Utsab cake event. Every year, the country has book fairs and music and dance performances.

Bangladesh has put greater effort into increasing female participation in its society and has offered free education to girls up to high school for gender parity.

Over the past 20 years, women have become more influential. The country was ranked eighth in political empowerment of women, according to the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index 2015.

Bangladesh-Korea relations, established in 1972, have been vibrant in many fields, including business, culture and education.

According to the embassy, Korea is the seventh-largest foreign investor in Bangladesh. About 700 Bangladeshi students are studying at Korean universities.

By Rachel Lee, Korea Times