Bangladesh explores jute trade avenues in Oman

An eight-member team from Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation (BJMC), the world’s largest jute exporter, on Wednesday met the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) officials to explore business opportunities for jute products in oman.

“The meeting was fruitful. The OCCI officials are very much keen on our products and business plans. They have agreed to organise awareness programmes, seminars, workshops, and exhibitions of jute products in Oman in the coming months,” Major General Humayun Khaled (rtd), the chairman of BJMC, told in an exclusive interview with the Times of Oman.

BJMC, OCCI officials “The demand for jute products is always high as it is manufactured from natural fibre, which is absolutely eco-friendly and free from health hazards. Jute products will be apt for Oman’s climatic conditions,” Humayun said.

The BJMC, which has 82,000 employees, exports at least 200,000 tonnes of jute products to more than 100 countries. The delegation visited Oman after having similar meetings in Morocco and Nigeria.

“We have also invited the Omani trade officials and business people to Bangladesh to further study jute farming and jute products,” Humayun said, adding that the possibilities of jute farming in Oman will also be considered in future.

As the largest manufacturer in the jute sector, BJMC produces from jute, the longest natural fibre in the world, mainly Hessian cloth, different types of Hessian bags, sack cloth, different types of jute bags, yarn, geo-jute, blankets, jute canvas, carpet backing cloth, and so on.

-Times of Oman