Bangladeshi cellphone operators now offer an unlimited data plan

All mobile providers in Bangladesh have launched an unlimited internet data bundle. Teletalk is the first provider to provide an internet bundle with an unlimited term. Since last March, Teletalk has had two fully functional data packages. The rest of the carriers have now begun offering indefinite data bundles as well. Allow me to state upfront that the only infinite data plan offered by Teletalk will be genuinely limitless in size. Because of the mechanism, it may seem like 14 years have passed. You certainly don’t want anything more than that!

The remaining operators, notably Grameenphone, Robi, and Banglalink Unlimited, have a one-year contract with the government. Their respective data packets will be good for a year or 365 days, whichever comes first. They are being referred to as indeterminate. The reason for this is that mobile data packs are often only valid for a few days, a few weeks, or a month at most. Because these new data packets are available for a far longer period of time than normal, they are referred to as “unlimited terms.”

However, when you think about it, a one-year term is a reasonable first step. because you believe that if you purchase a data pack with a one-year validity period, you will not have to fret about the validity period.


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