Bata to invest Tk 2000m in next five years

Jack Clemons, world wide chief executive officer (CEO) of Bata Shoe Organisation said Bata Bangladesh is going to invest Tk 2,000 million in next five years. Bata CEO was speaking at a press conference at its corporate office in Tongi, Gazipur on Thursday.

Jack Clemons led the press conference and gave his speech. He upholds Bata’s overall activities, current scenario and the future plans of Bata Bangladesh and said the new investment plan will create more employment. ‘The company is investing for the modernisation of two factories in Tongi and Dhamrai’, he said.

Like every year Bata Bangladesh is going to expand its market throughout the country, he added.

bataJack Clemons also talked about the CSR activities of his company.

Jorge Carbajal, president Bata Emerging Market, F Garcia, group managing director, Bata Emerging Markets, Kumar Nitesh, managing director of Bata Bangladesh and other senior executives of the company were also present on the occasion.

Bata started its operation in Bangladesh in 1962. The company is one of the largest tax–paying corporate bodies contributing Tk. 1.2 billion (year 2009) which represents approximately 70 per cent of tax paid by the entire footwear sector of Bangladesh. Currently the company operates two manufacturing facilities, one in Tongi and the other in Dhamrai with a production capacity of 110,000 pairs of shoes daily.

The company also has a modern tannery facility with an output of five million square feet of leather annually. Bata’s annual shoe sales currently stands at slightly more than 30 million pairs with a turnover for the year 2009 of Tk 5 billion.

Internationally renowned brands such as Bata Comfit, Marie Claire, Hush Puppies, Scholl, Nike, Bubblegummers, Sandak, Weinbrenner and B’first are a few names that testify to the momentous change towards branded shoe marketing in Bangladesh. Specialised shoe categories such as athletic shoes have been targeted through development of the Power brand. Uncompromising quality with striking designs have put Bata shoes in a key position to appeal to different segments of consumers.