Beauty benefits of papaya

Whether it’s the harsh summer sun or the humid monsoon weather, the fruit papaya can be effective for soothing, toning and moisturising your skin, which will leave your skin glowing naturally.

So instead of opting for those expensive over-the-counter creams, why not use papaya? Its natural properties will remove skin blemishes, pimples, dark patches and do much more!


Beauty uses of papaya

Since the fruit is a good source of Vitamin A and Papain which is a kind of protein, it helps in removing dead skin cells, along with breaking down the inactive proteins.

If you apply a finely grounded paste of raw papaya on your face, it will help reduce pimples and blemishes!

Mashed papaya can be used for treating the sore and cracked heels.

The peel (skin) of the papaya can not only be used on the face, but it should also be used for whitening the skin on your legs.

Using papaya on your face regularly will reduce the signs of ageing.

If you have rough and dry skin, mash a papaya with honey and apply this mixture for hydration of the skin.

Papaya also helps in controlling dandruff. Frequent use of its paste on your hair will improve its texture.