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Biman’s bid to appoint aircraft procurement agency hits snag

Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ move to appoint a reputed international agency for assisting it in sourcing a variety of aircraft faces a setback as it did not yet get any acceptable response. The last date for submission of tender paper was April 24, 2014, but sources confirmed that the response has not been satisfactory at all, reports UNB. “Biman has floated offer several times in this regard, but is yet to get any considerable response,” a well-placed source at Biman told UNB. bimanCurrently, the national flag carrier has no small aircraft for operating ...

Biman’s Dhk-NY-Dhk flight resumption bid looks futile

bimanBiman Bangladesh Airlines’ desperate move to resume its Dhaka-NY-Dhaka flight by hiring crew maintenance insurance (CMI) from a category-1 country looks to be futile as the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) falls far short of attaining the category-1 status. “It’s not possible right now,” said a well-placed source at Biman, the national flag carrier. He mentioned that it is not about hiring aircraft from a category-1 country; it is also related to making the CAAB more time-befitting one through modernising its organogram and addressing sec...

India downgraded in aviation safety, joins Bangladesh, Indonesia

India has joined countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines and Bangladesh that have a Category 2 rating in aviation safety. US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authority has downgraded India's aviation safety rating, citing a lack of safety oversight, meaning the country's carriers cannot increase flights to the world's biggest aviation market and face extra checks for existing ones. As of November 22, FAA kept 81 of the 96 countries reviewed in Category 1. India had been in Category 1 since 1997, the FAA said in a statement. air India

DC-10 makes last passenger flight with Biman

Biman Bangladesh Airlines will operate final DC-10 passenger service tomorrow. DC-10 has had checkered past, including high-profile accidents. The plane debuted in 1971 on a flight between Los Angeles and Chicago. A special “last chance” flight for enthusiasts is planned for February Some commercial jets receive soaring fanfare when they hang up their wings. But what sort of retirement party awaits the airline industry’s final scheduled DC-10 passenger flight? The final-flight honor goes to Bangladesh Biman Airlines, operator of the world’s last passenger DC-10 -- which the airline says will be making its final scheduled flight on December 7, on an otherwise routine flight. (The airline hasn’t said which route the plane will fly.)

Emirates to support Biman Bangladesh growth

Mercator, a part of the Emirates Group, will provide its market leading revenue accounting services, RAPID, to the national flag carrier of Bangladesh, Biman Bangladesh Airlines. The agreement was announced during IATAs 2nd Integrated Settlement Week, the largest annual event for the international revenue accounting community, which was held from 2-6 December in Montreal, Canada. “Mercator is delighted to provide Biman with a revenue accounting technology to realise their long term financial objectives,” said Patrick Naef, Divisional Senior Vice President Emirates Group IT and Head of Mercator. “Our dedicated team has a deep understanding of the challenges facing airline expansion in the industry, and also the ...