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Over 1m sign UK petition for second EU vote

More than a million people have signed a petition calling for a second referendum, after “Leave” voters won a shock victory to pull Britain out of the European Union, an official website showed Saturday. The website of the parliamentary petition at one point crashed due to the surge of people adding their names to the call for another nationwide poll following Thursday’s historic vote. “We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave imagesvote is less than 60% based (on) a turnout...

Clinton plans to disqualify Trump on handling of economy

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton plans to portray Republican Donald Trump as an erratic and unfit steward of the nation’s economy, returning to Ohio to press the case that workers would bear the brunt of the business mogul’s policies. Clinton’s Tuesday address in Ohio, one of the nation’s most prominent swing states, will aim to place a marker on the economy in a similar manner in which she did on foreign policy earlier this month with a searing takedown of Trump in San Diego. “If we put Donald Trump behind the steering wheel of the economy, he is very likely to drive us

‘Hack the Pentagon’ reveals 138 security flaws

Hackers invited by the US government as part of a pilot program to find flaws with five Pentagon websites discovered 138 security vulnerabilities, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Friday. The “Hack the Pentagon” event, the first “bug bounty” in the history of the federal government, attracted 1,410 computer-savvy Americans, according to the Defense Department. The program cost $150,000, with about half of that going to hackers, reports AFP. “It’s not a small sum, but if we had gone through the normal process of hiring an outside firm to Pantagon

US urges NATO allies to do more against IS

US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter on Wednesday urged NATO allies to do more to help the US-led anti-Islamic State coalition finish the job in Iraq and Syria and destroy the jihadi group. NATO defence ministers earlier agreed to extend training of Iraqi troops from Jordan to Iraq itself and to consider deploying AWACS surveillance aircraft. “I would like to see NATO do more,” Carter told reporters after ministers met at the alliance HQ in Brussels. “I believe there is still more NATO can do to hasten the destruction of ISIL,” he said, using another name for IS.

US embassy shares tips on visa application

US embassy in Dhaka today shared tips on applying for U.S. visas and avoiding fraud as it stressed the importance on providing high standard of customer service to visa applicants. Consul General of the U.S. Embassy in Dhaka Elizabeth Gourlay through a video presentation US Visashared the tips on U.S visa application in an effort to educate Bangladeshis about visa fraud and scams at the embassy premises in the city, said a US embassy press release. “Each year, thousands of Bangladeshis successfully apply for a U.S. visa. ...

China to boost regional coop for economic growth

The six-day 4th China-South Asia Expo (CSA) and the 24th China Kunming Import and Export Commodities Fair kicked off in Kunming today (Sunday), with the Chinese authorities pledging more support to South Asian and Southeast Asian countries in promoting trade and investment. The colourful ceremony was held at the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Centre, overlooking the tall reeds in the Wujiatang Wetland Park of the Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province. The function hall was packed with invited people from different provinces of China and the