5:18 pm - Saturday June 15, 7641

Citycell likely to get 6 months to pay 2G renewal fee

Country’s first mobile phone operator Citycell is likely to get another six months’ time to pay 2G license renewal fee.

But to avail of that chance it will have to pay the unpaid amount of revenue sharing of Tk 26 crore to the national exchequer by this month.

Ministry sources said that the telecom operator would get another six months for the 2G renewal payment if the operator deposits the unpaid amount of revenue sharing, reports UNB.

ctcellThe decision was taken at a meeting of the ministry with Telecom Minister Abdul Lafif Siddiquee in the chair.

Telecom secretary Abu Bakar Siddique, BTRC chairman Sunil Kanti Bose, Citycell Chief Executive Officer Mehboob Chowdhury and other officials of the ministry were present at the meeting.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) on February 3 served show cause notice to the lone CDMA operator of the country why its license would not be cancelled and gave 30 days to answer the notice.

Ministry sources said that the Citycell official has agreed to pay the unpaid amount of the revenue sharing.

Citycell owes Taka 229 crore to the telecom regulator as 2G license renewal fee and spectrum charges.

The operator had 13.65 lakh subscribers till the end of December last year.