Corruption allegation against LGED Chief Engineer

Chief Engineer of Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Wahidur Rahman has allegedly been involved in corruption of thousands crore taka. He has bought two luxurious homes in Australia with those money, reported a local Bangla daily and a weekly on Sunday. According to a report, Wahidur Rahman is a fake freedom fighter. He has been a model of corruption among the government employees of the country.    

LGED ChiefThe allegation of corruption against Wahidur Rahman was first disclosed in the period of care-taker government in 2007. He was the then in-charge of additional chief engineer. Many newspapers and magazines published the news of Rahman’s corruption of that time. Though a grass-root level investigation on the corruption of Rahman was submitted to the high authority of the then government, but Rahman was surprisingly declared unflawed.  And from then, Rahman has gradually been uncontested as the champion in corruption among the government officials. Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has been investing Rahman’s homes in Australia and the money sent abroad defying the money laundering act.

Rahman is now working as chief engineer in LGED for one contract. A case (no- 165/2014) has been filed in High Court against this contract. After getting this post, he recruited people for LGED by taking bribe of huge amount counting 1-5 lakh taka. Besides, for posting engineers at various position, he demands money illegally. Moreover, he is making wastage of government money issuing many tenders without necessity to ensure his own interest.

For the better use of government expenditure in LGED, the corruption of Wahidur Rahman should immediately be checked, the news reports said.