DC-10 returning to Dhaka

The last passenger DC-10 aircraft will return to Dhaka instead of flying into Boeing museum just yet.

The 30-year old aircraft, part of the fleet of Biman Bangladesh Airline, was to find its final resting place at the museum of Boeing in Seattle, US.


But Khan Mosharraf Hossain, director of public relations, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, told bdnews24.com the decision on the aircraft’s future had not been taken yet.

But it would not be taken to the Museum of Flights for now, he said.

The official, however, hinted the aircraft might be scrapped.

DC-10 flew to Birmingham with 314 passengers on Thursday for the last time and reached the destination after 13 hours around 9.30am US local time.

According to Biman’s public relations department, the aircraft will operate three ‘scenic tour flights’ on Feb 22, 23 and 24, carrying 144 passengers on each flight.

Biman’s Managing Director and CEO Kevin Steele had earlier told reporters the aircraft would be sent to the museum of Boeing, the US based aircraft manufacturer, after the scenic tours.

A Biman official, on the condition of anonymity, said Biman had entered into an agreement with Boeing during the tenure of the last caretaker government to procure 10 aircraft.

During the inking of that deal Boeing had asked for the DC-10 aircraft for its museum.

The official said the longevity of the DC-10 is much more than the Boeing and so it was keen on doing a research on the aircraft.

US-based aircraft manufacturers, McDonnell Aircraft Corporation and Douglas Aircraft Company had merged in 1967.

The next year McDonnell-Douglas manufactured DC-10 for the first time that had flown on Aug 29, 1970.

The three-engine aircraft launched its maiden voyage through American Airlines in 1971.
McDonnell-Douglas has manufactured 386 DC-10 aircrafts for civil aviation while 60 for the military.

The DC-10 aircraft has 30-seat business class compartment along with 274 seats. It is capable of carrying goods up to 30 tonnes.

No airlines currently use DC-10 aircraft. Some airlines are, however, still using them as freight carriers.

The company made its last DC-10 aircraft in 1988.

Among four DC-10 aircraft in Biman’s fleet, one was manufactured in 1978, two in 1979 and the last in 1988.

One Dc-10 had crashed in Chittagong during the BNP-led alliance government.

The two others have remained dysfunctional for long.

On the Dc-10 aircraft, Mohammad Ali, former manager at Biman’s marketing department said, “I am speechless to bid farewell to these trustworthy friends. These aircraft had long been used as spines of our national flag carrier.”

Source: BD News 24