Decorate your home for Eid ul Fitr

Lamudi shares some useful tips

Eid ul Fitr is one of the main festivals for Bangladeshis. Though this is a Muslim festival in Bangladesh it has become everyone’s celebration. Every festival brings some new color, a ray of new hope and enjoyment to everyone’s life. Eid ul Fitr is no different. After month of fasting, patience and sacrifice, Eid al-Fitr is one that everyone will be celebrating, but how do you decorate your house for this occasion?

eid-home-decoration-ideasEid ul Fitr is celebrated mainly at home. People visit each other’s home, meet and greet, and then have food together. The home interior should be decorated to get into the spirit of the celebrations. Leading property portal Lamudi Bangladesh has compiled a decoration guide to give your home a perfect look for this festive season.


This is an unavoidable option for Bangladeshi people for any kind of festival. Eid ul Fitr is not different. The good thing about this festival is you can use any type of flower. For example e entry of the house, drawing room, in vases, or hanging them as curtains.

Curtain and Rugs:

You can use any kind of curtain for this day, whatever suits your home and compliments your apartment color the most. You can also use a traditional curtain called shurki.


For your sofa and bed you can use new bed sheets, cushion covers, essentially anything that is fresh. Whatever you do just keep in mind, use only those color which compliment your apartment and the essence of the festival.

Islamic decoration pieces:

eid-home-decoration-ideas-1You can use Islamic decoration pieces to give your home essence of this festival. There are many kinds of Islamic decoration pieces found in market, such as wall hangings, for tables and other showcasing furniture etc.

Traditional pieces:

You can also decorate your home with Bengali traditional pieces like earthen pots and flower vases.