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Dos and don’ts for naturally glowing skin

They are the first signs of a beautiful skin – soft, smooth and shiny. To get a perfect skin, here a couple of skin care is what to do and follow.


Wear makeup with more natural ingredients possible. Mineral makeup provides impeccable coverage while allowing your skin to breathe. Ingredients less often means the makeup is best for your skin.

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Exfoliate regularly. Once a week works for the majority. If you have fat or a combination of skin, use a chemical such as glycolic acid or Salicylic scrub. Those with normal or sensitive skin will reap the greatest benefit with a Microdermabrasion scrub formula – the kind with tiny beads scrubbing your face.

Use eye contour cream every day! The skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile. Protect it with a SPF 30 eye contour cream.

Eating and drinking healthy foods. Skin starts on the inside. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and eat large amount of antioxidants, such as those found in green tea and foods rich in vitamins A, E, C and beta carotene. Antioxidants to fight free radicals, which can cause cell damage. (Bonus: antioxidants also help protect against cancers and heart disease.)

Follow a regime on a regular basis. Skin care should be an occurrence two times daily. You’re not tinker on his regime or follow it only sporadically and wait to see any lasting results.

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Smoking prematurely ages your skin at a rate second only to the sun damage. Nicotine restricts blood vessels, blocking the flow of oxygen to the skin.

Forget to wear sunscreen! Do your purified moisturizer and use one with an SPF of at least 30, even in the winter and even if you are only open air a few minutes a day.

Forget about your neck, chest and hands. These areas was the fastest and are all but ignored in our skin care routines. Sunscreen, exfoliation and moisturizing are as important as they are in these areas face. Search ingredients anti-aging as kinetin, copper, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Dry the skin excessively. Many women make the mistake of staging an assault on a large scale drying on their faces all when confronted with a pimple. This only worsens the problem. When the skin is stripped of all its natural oils, it produces more sebum to compensate.

This substance is what clogs the pores, causing pimples. A gentle cleanser and regular exfoliation is kind to your skin, but effective enough for the majority of women, but consult your dermatologist if you feel that you have an acne problem.

source : worldnews