Double murder in 30 sec

Awami League politician Jahidul Islam Tipu and a college student named Samia Afran Preity were killed in Dhaka. Double murder in 30 sec

At around 10:21 p.m., in front of Bata shop opposite Shahjahanpur Islami Bank, Awami League leader Jahidul Islam Tipu’s personal white Noah microbus became stuck in front of Bata shop. The road to Khilgaon Railgate. Ten seconds before, a motorbike approached from the other way. The driver halted the motorbike in front of Hafezia Sunnia Alim Madrasa.

The armed men on the motorcycle crossed the road barrier and stood in the road. At that moment, the automobile was travelling quite slowly. At 10:21:50, Tipu’s car’s left side fired the first shot. Seeing the unexpected onslaught, Munna sped up Tipu’s automobile. But the rickshaw in front slowed the automobile down. A short time later, the attacker went to the front and fired six shots at Tipu, who was in the driver’s seat. Tipu was shot through the car’s window at the moment.

Then random rounds were fired. Once they were out of sight, two guys on a motorbike chased them across a road to a microbus. Then, slowly, people gathered around the microbus.

In addition to Tipu, the attackers shot a college student. According to eyewitnesses, when Tipu was shot, a college student named Samia Afran Preity was next to his car. Preeti was coming home with a college companion when the incident occurred. Prity was also in the rickshaw when the killer started the fire. One of the bullets struck Prity. Prity’s friend leapt out and survived.

Meanwhile, college student Prity, who was in a rickshaw next to the car, was shot dead at random. According to the autopsy report, a bullet entered his body and went out in the other direction. He was killed.

Jahidul Islam Tipu was the former general secretary of the AL’s Motijheel unit and Samia Afran  Prity was a student of Begum Badrunessa Government Girls College.