e-Service Authority for ensuring quality soon

The government is going to introduce an e-Service Regulations soon keeping a provision to set up an e-Service Authority to create disciplined environment in electronic service (e-Service) delivery and ensure quality service to the people, top official of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry said.

eserviceHe said the draft regulations titled “e-Service Regulations’2013” which is now under process to launch anytime,has been prepared as per article 88 of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Act ‘2006.

“We are going to introduce e-Service regulations to ensure quality and standard electronic services in a disciplined way to the people against the back drop of delivering of over 250 e-Services in the public sector,” said ICT Secretary Md. Nazrul Islam Khan (N I Khan).

He said there is no regulatory body to oversee the quality of e-Services at the moment although hundreds of e-services are being created both in public and private sectors, reports BSS.

Immediately after gazette notification of the e-Service Regulations ‘2013 the ICT Ministry will set up e-Service Authority within a short span of time to create a disciplined environment and ensure quality e-services to the people, N I Khan said.

According to e-Service Regulations ‘2013 the e-Service Authority will enjoy power to give permission to well equipped and capable government and private organizations to provide e- Services following the procedures.

It also enjoys power to can cell or suspend the delivery of e-services if the service provider organizations fail to give service following the procedures, the regulations said.


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