4:34 pm - Monday October 18, 5582

More education, health investment to boost Bangladesh development

The United Nations Population Fund has called on Bangladesh and other developing nations to make more investment at their earliest for quality education and health services to their young population to bolster socioeconomic development processes.

The agency said on Tuesday that 47.6 million of the total 158.5 million Bangladesh people are now young (10-24 years), reported Xinhua.

bangladeshIn its State of World Population 2014 report, the agency said that globally one in three girls in developing countries is married before the age of 18, threatening her health, education and future prospects.

Up to half of sexual assaults are committed against girls below the age of 16, it said.

Bangladesh has achieved remarkable progress in primary education, maternity health, reducing birth rate and mortality rates, but early child marriage is still a big problem in the country, the agency’s Bangladesh representative Argentina Matavel said here in Dhaka on Tuesday where the report was released.

According to the report, never before there have been so many young people in the world, and now is the best time of such potential for economic and social progress, but the question remains how governments frame policies and make investments to meet their needs and aspirations.