Evely Chairman released from jail

Shamima Nasrin, Evely’s Chairman, was released from prison today. She was released from Kashimpur Women’s Central Jail today at 5:45 pm. The senior superintendent of jail, Halima Khatun, confirmed this news to the media. She said that she had been lodged in Kashimpur Women’s Central Jail since September 21 in a case filed by Dhanmondi Police Station. He was released on Wednesday afternoon after the bail papers arrived at the jail on Tuesday.

It is noted that on September 16, Md. Kamrul Islam Chakdar, a businessman, filed a case with the Dhanmondi Police Station for embezzling customer money. According to the case, he had supplied goods worth Tk 35 lakh to the Dhanmondi office in Evaly. But Evely did not pay her dues. In the case filed by Kamrul Islam, he was shown to have been arrested at the Dhanmondi police station.