Fat loss superfoods that deserve hype

Fat loss superfoods that deserve hype :

Everyday we come across people discussing the health benefits of colorful vegetables and fruits, but not all are backed by strong research. Green tea, raspberries and coconut milk are some of time-tested and research proven food items that can be trusted.


Coconut milk and oil

The healthy saturated fat in coconut comes from medium-chain triglycerides, a fatty acid your body prefers to burn for energy rather than store. One study found, compared to olive oil, this oil used as part of a weight loss plan improves fat loss.


Blueberries hog the spotlight, but raspberries are actually higher in fiber. One cup provides a whopping 8 grams. One study found you probably get about half the fiber you should, and on a lower-carbohydrate diet even less. Fiber’s benefits include balanced glucose (blood sugar) levels and satiation to reduce hunger and cravings.

Green tea

The popular beverage’s fat-burning benefits are well known. A study found they become even more impressive combined with exercise. It also helps to reduce stress. Chronic stress elevates cortisol, a hormone that can store fat. But you need to balance it with a healthy diet and exercise.


It is high in healthy mono-unsaturated fat and fiber. A recent study concluded that avocado improved overall diet quality, nutrient intake, and reduced risk of metabolic syndrome. One cup contains 10 grams of appetite-curbing fiber, which makes it the perfect food to top salads and burgers or eat straight up as a snack or mini-meal.

source:india today