5:18 pm - Tuesday June 14, 6991

Fire Service wins First Division Chess League

Fire Service & Civil Defense Sports Club became unbeaten champion in the First Division Chess League-2013, organised by Bangladesh Chess Federation.

Fire Service & Civil Defense earned 16 match points to clinch the title and Sultana Kamal Smirity Pathagar became unbeaten runners-up with same match points. Their tie was broken by game points.

Fire-Service & Civil Defense earned 27½ games points and Sultana Kamal Pathagar earned 26½ game points. 9th or last round games were held yesterday (Saturday) and Fire Service & Civil Defense drew with Sulatan Kamal Pathagar by 2-2 points in their last round games.

SAMSUNGPlayers of Fire-Service & Civil Defense Sports Club are: FM Mohammed Abdul Malek, S.M. Sharon, Masum Hossain, Sheikh Md. Khairul Islam, Md. Badrul Alam and Abu Bokar Siddique.

Players of Sultana Kamal Pathagar are: Delwar Hossain, S.M. Farhadur Rahman, Nazrul Islam David, Kazi Taherul Islam, Nasiruddin Apu and Md. Nurul Islam. Sonali Bank Sports & Recreation Club became 3rd with 15 match points.

Other positions are: 4th-Basir Memorial Chess Club, Match points-10, 5th-Farashganj Sporting Club, match points-9, 6th-Protiva Daba Goshti, match points-8, 7th-Mohakhali Pradip Sangah, match points-6, 8th-Destiny 2000 Limited, match points-4, 9th-Chess Club Knight F3, match points-3 and 10th-Agrani Bank Limited Daba Dal, match points-3.  is in 2nd position with 13 points. 8th round games were held yesterday (Friday).

In the 9th or last round games: Sonali Bank Vs. Basir Memorial Chess Club by 3½-½ points, Farashganj Sporting Club beat Chess Club Knight F3 by 3-1 points,  Destiny 2000 Limited beat Protiva Daba Goshthi by 2½-1½ points, Mohakhali Pradip Sangah beat Agrani Bank Limited Daba Dal by 3½-½ points.

Board Prizes are: 1st Board-Delwar Hossain of Sultana Kamal Pathagar, score 83 per cent, 2nd Board-S.M. Sharon of Fire Service & Civil Defense, score-79 per cent , 3rd Board-Nazrul Islam David of Sultana Kamal Pathagar, score-89 per cent , 4th Board-Sheik Md. Khairul Islam of Fire Service & Civil Defense, score-81 per cent , Reserve 1st board-Abu Hanif of Sonali Bank, score-75 per cent  and Reserve 2nd board-Sazzad Kishor of Protiva Daba Goshti, score-60 per cent  Fire-Service & Civil Defense Sports Club and Sultana Kamal Pathagar qualified to participate in the Premier Division Chess League-2014 and Chess Club Knight F3 and Agrani Bank Limited Daba Dal relegated in the 2nd Division Chess League.

The event was held round robin league system and 10 teams participated.