Garlic hits market soaring Tk 25 per kg

The local garlic’s price increased by Tk 25 per kilogram, while the imported one up by Tk10 in the wholesale markets just in past two days.

The garlic traders held the import from India due to the increase of the price. Moreover, the blockade movement effected by the 18-party alliance added the contribution.

garlicLocal garlic was found selling at Tk90 to100 per kg on Monday, while the China one selling at Tk80 to 85 in retail markets. Five days ago, the local one was sold at Tk 60 in the wholesale market, whilst the Chinese at Tk 55. Now they are selling at Tk 85 and Tk 65 respectively in Dhaka.

Not only garlic, the price of ginger has also increased by Tk15 to 20 per kg in the retail markets because of supply shortage, the traders said.

Though the newly harvested garlic has started to arrive in the markets, there is little impact on the price.

In contrast, the price of onion decreased slightly, selling at Tk75 to 80 (local) and the Indian onion at Tk 65 to 70 per kg.