Global entrepreneurship week being celebrated in city

Global entrepreneurship week (GEW) is being celebrated in the city with a flying start focusing on the “importance of an entrepreneurial community” to inspire the next wave of innovative entrepreneurs.

The kickoff began at the News Cred office in Dhaka with an opening talk by MK Aaref of EdwardMKennedyCenter in the city and Toby Glucksman, Deputy Political and Economic Counselor and Economic Chief of US Embassy, Dhaka.

This was followed by a fireside chat moderated by Samad Miraly of Olympic with Md. Sabur Khan, President of DCCI and Pial Islam of PI Consulting. The event ended with a panel session on Water Sanitation App Fest hackathon talk by Mirva Tuulia Moilanen, Communications Specialist, The World Bank.

dlobal-entrepreneurship-weekSajid Islam, Organizer at Startupbash and CEO of Shetu states, “This is a pivoting moment for Bangladesh’s startup scene. From here we hope to inspire disruptive tech startups that will innovate and challenge the status quo.”

In Day 2, the event got livelier with excellent music played by a community DJ startup group setting the mood and ambience of a New York style tech event in the busy streets of DhakaCity. Ample food, chips and exciting speakers left the participants not only with a good meal but with tools that startup’s should consider in the early stage of the businesses. Successful entrepreneur, Shameem Ahsan, CEO of Akhoni, really stressed the importance of using tools early on that help keep the budget in line and making sure proper metrics are used for marketing initiatives.

He was followed by Riyad Husain, founder and CEO of Magnito Digital, an upcoming startup, on how they took their startup to position at the top with the heavyweight marketing agencies in less than four months with the social media tools out there.

StartupBash is celebrating GEW with a week full of fun and inspiring events. The program includes sessions such as creating the bridge between entrepreneurs and investors, startup pitches, using technology to solve social problems, showcasing the stories of successful entrepreneurs, startup toolbox and must have skills.

A documentary film covering the brewing startup community in Dhaka will be released on Friday, which will show the dynamic people who are working as startup founders, investors and mentors to disrupt the status quo.

“The aim of this documentary is to promote Dhaka as the city of possibilities, where unique ideas open up a world of business opportunities just like any other place in the world.

Dhaka will be a vibrant startup scene in the next few years that will contribute tremendously to the national economy and also help solve social problems,” says Fayaz Taher, Startupbashbd Organizer and CEO of Fortuna Footwear & Bags.