4:42 pm - Friday January 18, 9219

Historic rainfall in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan

Two monsoon lows are teaming up to bring record rainfall and deadly flooding to parts of southern Asia.

The first monsoon low is spinning over northwestern India while also impacting southeast Pakistan. This strong monsoonal low has already produced record rainfall across the region and additional heavy rain and flooding is expected through at least Thursday.

Rainfall from this low has totaled more than 432 mm (17 inches) since Monday in Bhuj, India. This is more than the normal yearly normal of 373.7 mm (14.72 inches). Rainfall across rain weatherBanaskantha District of Gujarat state has seen more than 532 mm (20.95 inches) in July, most of which has fallen in recent days. The normal yearly total is around 520 mm (20.47 inches).

Other extreme 24-hour rainfall totals from northwestern India include 430 mm (16.93 inches) in Dhanera, 420 mm (16.54 inches) in Wav and 400 mm (15.75 inches) in Deesa.

In Pakistan, rainfall from Monday into Tuesday totaled 135 mm (5.31 inches) in Badin. This 24-hour total is equal to the normal amount of rain for the entire month of July. Cherat received 123 mm (4.84 inches) of rain on Monday which is more than the normal for the entire month of July.

Satellite image of the northern Indian Ocean showing a monsoon low near Bangladesh and another over northwestern India, courtesy of UW-CIMSS.

The second monsoon low which is located over the northern Bay of Bengal to the east of India and south of Bangladesh has also brought tremendous amounts of rainfall over the past week.

This low produced 909 mm (35.79 inches) from Friday through Tuesday in Chittagong. The normal for the entire month of July is 727 mm (28.62 inches).

In Cox’s Bazar, rainfall has totaled 605 mm (23.82 inches) over the same time span. This is more than two thirds of their normal monthly rainfall for July.

Heavy rain has also pushed into northeast India where where nearly 150 mm (6 inches) has fallen in Kolkata since Sunday.

Nearly 300 mm (12 inches) of rain has fallen in Jamshedpur with more than 150 mm (6 inches) reported in Bankura from Sunday into Tuesday.

Additional heavy rain is also expected across this region over the coming days before the low tracks farther west bringing flooding rainfall into the interior of north-central India this weekend and into next week.