IBBL RDS role model for rural development

A solvent family, own house, a piece of arable land- are the common dream of low income people. Mnowara Begum, a housewife of Paikpara village under Patia Upazila of Chittagong used to cherish the same. But poverty cripples her dream. Their days pass through financial difficuties with her husband’s little income. Yet she did not get dishearted. She started finding the way to get rid of proverty. She learnt about the Rural Development Scheme of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) from neighbors.

Manowara became a member of the scheme under Hazrat Fatima (RA.) center at Patia Branch of the Bank in 2005. The scheme acts as the charioteer of her dreams. She took Tk. 5 thousand RDS Monowarainterest-free micro investment from the scheme in the first phase and started cloth business. Up to now she availed investment facilities for 11 times from this scheme to expand her business. Monowara now supplies cloths, bed sheet, curtain, lungi, children’s wear and other garments at local markets as well as in Chittagong city.

Due to low price and good quality, demand for her garments are increasing day by day. Along with Tk. 1.44 lakh bank’s investment, her business capital is now Tk. 3.5 lakhs. Her family is now solvent. With the excess income, she purchased seven decimal of land. She built a semi pakka home and bought necessary furniture and home appliance. Winds of happiness sooth her family. Monwara is now a successful business woman.

Like Monwara Begum, more than 9 lac members from 19 thousand villages of the country have got rid of proverty by the finacial assistance of Rural Development Scheme of the Bank. The scheme has brought self-reliance and prosperity in the life its of members. Few years ago, the rural population was poor fellow. Rural women were the worst victims of helplessness. Women were not allowed to take part in earnings. Public and private institutions in recent times have been giving effort to change the image of the rural area. Islami Bank has been contributing in women’s empowerment, employment generation and financial inclusion in rural Bangladesh through this scheme. Islami Bank has invested Tk. 19225 million in this scheme till September 2015 since introduction in 1995. The IBBL RDS is now being considered as a tool for rural development.