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Indian subcontinent power generation rental market

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Indian Subcontinent Power Generation Rental Market: Bangladesh, India & Pakistan 2015” report to their offering.

This study focuses on the Indian Subcontinent power rental market with geographical coverage of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. For purposes of this research, power rental is defined as the rental of generator sets that run on either gas, diesel or any other fuel or setting up of temporary (maximum 15 years) power plants utilizing fuels for power generation. This report Powerdoes not include other rental equipment like compressors, cooling, heating, etc. The base year for the study is 2014.

This report captures the following information about the Indian Subcontinent’s power rental market:

Market Size, Growth Rate, Revenue Forecasts (2013-2021)

Growth Drivers & Restraints

Market Trends

Market Landscape

Supplier Landscape and

Strategic Recommendations

Quotes by Key Industry Participants

Applications Defined:

Standby Power/Standby – Providing generators on rental basis or rental power for the purposes of continued operations in case of the failure of main/exiting power source.

Continuous Power/Continuous – Providing rental power in areas where no other power source is available and rented power acts as the only source for providing power continually for the required duration.

Prime Power – Providing rental power for the purposes of continual or non-continual usage for variable loads/power demands, particularly for industries running motors or other equipment, which demand varying power during their usage.

Peak Demand – Rental power is provided for the purposes of catering to the increased demand during peak period, hours or usage.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Research Scope
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Market Landscape
  4. Bangladesh

III. India

  1. Key Organizations
  2. Strategic Recommendations
  3. Quotes by Industry Participants
  4. Appendix

Companies Mentioned


Caterpillar Inc. – ARM


Quippo Energy

Orient Energy Services

Greaves Pakistan

Orion Group Macro Powertech India

Khulana Power

Accorn Infrastructure Services

Modern Hiring Service

Power Mech Projects


Powerpac Holdings

Desh Energy

Summit Power Limited

Dana Group

Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Energypac Power Generation