Is ISIS an existential threat! WHY

ISIS has ZERO real Military assets and thus is ZERO threat, yet US Media, Republicans & Democrats are selling this is an: Existential Threat! WHY?

Proof of existential ISIS threat: a guy wearing black Pajama in a Sanddle carrying a Black flag

One of 1000s of Children Killed by Israeli bombing of Gaza

Some of 30,000+ Americans Killed per Year not by ISIS, but by insane policies put in place by Republicans & Democrats

isisThis Fear-Mongering & War-Mongering by Wall Street Media and Republicans & Obama Democrats about ISIS being “Some existential threat”, when ISIS has nearly ZERO Military assets and thus poses ZERO threat, are just further proof that there is NO difference between these 2 Parties, that they are playing a SICK Con Job on US, on the World, resulting in US being engaged in one Multi-Trillion Dollar War after another War after another War, which Wars only benefit the right-wing War-Mongering Cabal (aka Israel, Military Industrial Complex & Wall Street). And the HELL with American People & Cities. While China, Germany, Canada, Australia, etc. are engaged in ZERO such Wars and instead are investing the same Trillions of Dollars in their People & Cities.

After all consider the FACTS about what ZERO real Military asset this ISIS has and thus what ZERO threat it poses:

1-   ISIS has ZERO fighter planes

2-   ISIS has ZERO Helicopters

3-   ISIS has ZERO Ships

4-   ISIS has ZERO Submarines

5-   ISIS has ZERO ICBM missiles

6-   ISIS has ZERO satellites

7-   ISIS has ZERO Transport planes, even of World War II quality

8-   ISIS has ZERO surface to air Missiles, which is why US can bomb them without impunity

etc. etc. FACTS which prove that the Military threat from ISIS, just as in case of Alqaeda, is nearly ZERO.

And what are the evidence shown by US Media, aka right-wing lying WarMongering Media, as the evidence of the threat by ISIS? They keep showing these Videos:

1-   A few guys in Black Pajamas, Waving a Black flag, and shooting some Guns,

2-   A bunch of guys in Black Pajamas riding in Toyota Pickup trucks with a mounted Machine gun,

3-   A bunch of guys in Black Pajamas jumping on Monkey bars as if doing the Monkey bar, which is available at any Kindergarten or Middle School, makes them IronMan or SuperMan, etc. fictional Hollywood created Super assassins

4-   The whole spiel played to a background of Arabic Music,

5-   And as the Pièce de résistance they show one guy in Black Pajamas walking in the Wind with the ISIS Black flag in his hand

etc. minuscule threat hyped by Wall Street Media and Republican & Democrat War-mongers as:

“The greatest threat to America…”

“Another 9/11 in the making.. “

“This is beyond a Terrorist group…”


But ISIS has beheaded 2 Americans

Now when you present the FACTS which FACTS show ISIS has ZERO Military assets and thus is ZERO threat, the Fear-Mongering War-Mongers will state that: “But ISIS has beheaded 2 Americans”, this is proof that they are EVIL.

Answer to which non-sense is:

1-   Sure if ISIS had actually Killed these 2 Americans, and these beheading were not actually staged by Mossad or Hollywood like actors, as many have shown this to be the case, and that is why these Killers are wearing face mask the whole time, then this would have been a heinous criminal act by these People, deserving them of highest criminal punishment for these Murders.

2-   Having beheaded these 2 Americans makes ISIS a cowardly criminal murderer gang, but does not make them “Existential Threat to USA…” as the Republican lunatics & FRAUD Obama Democrats and Fear-Monger War-Mongers in US Media are stating. After all 30,000 Americans are KILLED per Year in US cities. In typical day in Chicago, Washington DC, LA, etc. US Cities far more than 2 Americans are Killed. So how in GODs name does ISIS Killing 2 Americans makes them “an Existential Threat to USA…” when 30,000+ Americans are KILLED each year in USA by the insane Gun policies that Republican lunatics & FRAUD Obama Democrats have put in the place? Given the FACT that Murder rates in USA are a stunning 40 times, not 40%, but 40 times of other developed Nations with strict Gun laws and Welfare that US lacks.

Simply put, if ISIS is an “Existential Threat to USA…” for having Killed 2 Americans, what do you call then the Republicans, Obama Democrats and the Wall Street owned Media for 30,000+ Americans being KILLED per Year in USA due to the insane Gun laws and lack of Social services that they have put in place, such as:

  • 27 Americans Killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 20 of whom were Children
  • 12 Americans Killed at Movie Cinema in Aurora, ,
  • 12 Americans Killed at Tucson AZ peaceably assembled,

Or again the 30,000 Americans Killed per Year year after year due to the insane Gun laws and lack of Social services that USA has due to the rightwing lies and SCAM played on US by Wall Street owned Media, here is 12,042 of these Americans who were KILLED between Newtown and Dec. 31, 2013 alone!

The 9/11 Card

And after you present FACTS upon FACTS which FACTS show ISIS has ZERO Military assets and thus is ZERO threat, and that Killing 2 Americans makes ISIS a tiny fraction of an EVIL threat to US given the fact that 30,000+ Americans are Killed Per year in USA by Christians, Jews, Moslems, etc. such as the 27 Americans Killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, then the WarMongers pull out their Trump Card for selling this War as all Wars during last many Years, which is:

“But what about 9/11! That was 3,000 Americans killed by People with ZERO Military assets hence ISIS can do same…”

Answer to which War-Mongering non-sense is:

1-   The Airplane Hijackings in 9/11 were carried out by People who used $3.95 Knifes and Box cutters. So as long as we block carrying of knifes and Box cutters into Airplanes, then another 9/11 Hijacking of Airplanes cannot occur. Which has been the case since 9/11/2001.

2-   If we go by the logic that any Person can carry another 9/11 because 9/11 was carried by People with ZERO Military assets but by using $3.95 Knifes and Box cutters, then this means we have the right to bomb & Kill anyone on Earth since anyone on Earth can be a another 9/11 perpetrator by this logic. Of course except Jews.

3-   Why did the 9/11 Terrorist target USA and not China, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Canada, etc.?

Answer is that USA & Israel keep bombing and terrorizing the People in Islamic countries. So if we really want to make sure that another 9/11 does not happen, we need to stop the USIsrael bombing and terrorizing of People in Middle East.


If Republicans, Democrats & Wall Street Media actually gave a SQUAT about American lives, and were not using the 9/11 scare tactic to sell their NEVER Ending (for profit) Wars, then they would have put into place Government run Universal Socialized health care (NHS) in USA which would SAVE at least 50,000 Americans being Killed Per year due to NO Health Care. And lets state which NHS is so necessary for well being of a Nation that 100% of all developed Nations have had it for many Decades, including Israel the beloved Nation of Republican lunatics & fraud Obama Democrats and Wall Street rightWing lying Media.

Instead (in 2009) Obama Admin passed a watered down version of Health care plan proposed by Ultra Right-Wing Heritage Foundation which plan became RomneyCare, and thus which plan has made little difference in the catastrophe that Health Care is for many Americans, and Republicans & Wall Street rightWing Media having NO Shame, even opposed this plan that they had proposed which Obama passed!

If Republicans, Democrats & Wall Street Media actually gave a SQUAT about American lives, and were not using the 9/11 scare tactic to sell their NEVER Ending (for profit) Wars, they would pass strict Gun laws as they have in UK, Australia, Canada, including Israel the beloved Nation of Republican lunatics & fraud Obama Democrats, which strict Gun laws alone would SAVE the lives of about 30,000 Americans per Year.

Buy WHY are they playing this Fear-Mongering about ISIS?

So why did Republicans, Obama Democrats & Wall Street rightWing Media all of a sudden in mid-August/2014 started playing this Fear-Mongering SCAM about this pathetic nothing that they started calling ISIS?

1-   In July/2014 Israel started yet another Genocidal Air Bombing campaign against the Palestinian People in Gaza. And even though US Media paraded Israeli after Israeli after Israeli to justify the slaughter of People in Gaza by stating such despicable vile lies and non-sense as:

“The blame for Killing of People in Gaza should be on Hamas that is using Children as Human Shields”

the entire thinking World saw this as nothing but yet another campaign of mass of lies by Israeli Government to cover their Crimes against Humanity. So after they saw that NO amount of lying was going to change the World Wide People’s Opinion of Israel as being EVIL for what it was doing to People in Gaza, to change the subject from Israeli Genocidal Massacre of People in Gaza in a heartbeat in early August US Media started this total “Awe & Shock” campaign of lies to sell ISIS as some great “Existential Threat” just as they sold with total “Awe & Shock” campaign of lies the Iraq War of 2002 because Saddam Hussein Iraq was a great threat.

2-   To bomb Syria too which is some thing that Israel has wanted for Years, and has said it in so many word when appearing on US Media as they do all the time. In fact Obama Democrats were going to use the same exact WMD lies of Bush to Bomb Syria in 2013, but those lies were so blatant that even the British Conservative party of Cameron in an hastily assembled Vote voted against it, which Stopped them in 2013 from bombing Syria. So after that, they spent the next year to come up with a new SCAM reason for bombing Syria, and the result has been this super SCAM called ISIS.

3-   To provide clear fly over for Israel Air Force to bomb Iran Cities when they want to, or even better to demonize Islam & Islamic countries to the Point that US will do this for them. After all, ISIS maybe an Islamic State in the making but Iran is the Islamic State, so if US Media brain washes you and conditions you to expect that Islamic State (ISIS) is bomb-able and kill-able at will, as they re doing every day and bombing vast parts of Iraq under claim that we are destroying the Islamic State, then of course this means then Iran which actually is a Islamic State becomes totally bomb-able and kill-able too.

And really of the above 3 reasons for why the Wall Street rightWing Cabal that controls US Media & Government came up with this ISIS bull sheeet fear-Mongering SCAM, bombing Iran is the most important long term goal and strategy. As you can see in this interview by Henry Kissinger:

“Henry Kissinger: Iran ‘A Bigger Problem Than ISIS’”

Think about it: Obama Democrats, Republicans & US Media have presented ISIS as a barbaric savage Islamic Cancer that can only be dealt with by Killing every Human being that is inside ISIS by bombing it from 30,000 Feet High and whatever other way they can Kill all these Human beings. And the biggest Jewish Israeli Lobby mind of Henry Kissinger, which is pretty much what Nenatyahu and Israeli rightWingers are saying, states that:

“Iran is ‘A Bigger Problem Than ISIS’”

this means if every Human being in ISIS is so vile that it can be Killed by Air Strikes, then certainly:

“every Human being in Iran is so vile that it can be Killed by Air Strikes”, after all according to Israeli lobby such as Kissinger: “Iran is ‘A Bigger Problem Than ISIS’”

So unless We the People wake up and put a Stop to the rightWing War-Mongering lying Machine that is US Media, from ABC to CBS to CNN to MSNBC, etc. lets not even talk about the Ultra rightWing lying Machines of Fox, Wall Street Journal and the Psychos on TalkRadio, the result of which is fraud Obama Democrats & Republican lunatic War-Mongers, then expect them to come up with one Fear-Mongering campaign of lies after another to Bomb one country after country. And to add insult to injury, then these same bastards when it comes to investing in American People & Cities will turn around and state that:

“We are broke”

“We have a $16-Trillion Debt & Deficit crisis”

“We are borrowing from our Grandchildren”

etc. Deb Fear-Mongering BS.

Now as a great proof of all the facts listed here, watch this interview by this so called US Senator Lindsey Graham, whom:

1-   Said the most insane Fear-Mongering lies in 2002 to sell that Iraq War,

2-   His State ranks almost last in every measure of well being of its People, such as death by Gun Violence

3-   His State has about 30% of its Population without Health Care, which fact he Champions by opposing NHS for American People while this same Lindsey Graham Loves Israel which Israel has 100% Socialized Health Care

And this lunatic, this enemy within, is poised to win reelection guaranteed!

(*) Ankara, a member of NATO, rebukes Israel as a threat to international peace

(*) US health care results rank well below the Europeans, Canadians, etc. developed Nations

(*) 89 Palestine families wiped out by Israel’s Gaza campaign

(*) One of 100,000+ Americans KILLED per Year due to No health Care

(*) Study finds nearly 45,000 excess deaths annually linked to lack of Health Care

(*) US Gun violence: Product of poisoned society and normalization of inhumanity