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Agricultural System

According to economic survey 2019-20 Bangladesh has a population of 1125 people per square kilometer, making it one of the most densely populated countries in the world with only a few hectares of arable land per capita. The amount of cultivable land is decreasing day by day as a result of continuous population growth, writes Makama Mahmud Chowdhury


We get up in the morning to cultivate the soil,

Golden stick of ripe paddy grows by our toil...

Medals for heroes of humanitarian services urged

Celebrated TV broadcaster, historian, and Freedom Fighter Muhammad Musa is urging Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to honour all doctors, nurses and medical assistants on the front-line in the war against Coronavirus Covid-19 The former Director-General of the Disaster Management Bureau and Government Secretary has proposed that all “noble and brave” medics are presented with The Bangabandhu Manabsheba Bir {Bangabandhu Hero of Humanitarian Services} on behalf of the nation to show its appreciation. “A certif...

Enough Educated

M A Hossain

On 28 November '20, a 17 days old infant's dead body was found in the pond at Bagerhat in Bangladesh. Latter on police arrested the parent in connection to such bone-chilling incident and primarily parent confessed about their involvement to the police. Media became vibrant to criminalize this poor parent. But that's not the dead-end of this story. The parent is very poor and the infant was suffering from severe cardiac and kidney problems. It was going almost beyond to do anything further for their beloved child (radio today, 89.6fm). Now, I will share two of my personal experiences with my readers. Due to my professional reason, I was posted at outskirts of Dhaka. On my daughter's 2nd birthday party, I was wel...

New dawn arrives in America  

With more than 74 million votes goes in favor of president elect Joe Biden. None received so many votes than Joe Biden in history of the United States while he secured 273 electoral college votes. That means Joe Biden not only exceeds electoral college votes but also a record number of 4 million popular votes. The present President Donald Trump secured 214 electoral college votes which is short of 56 electoral college votes, writes Mohammad Amjad Hossain.  ...

Latifur Rahman

Latifur Rahman, Chairman of Transcom Group was the founding member and Vice President of ICC Bangladesh and founding Vice President of Bangladesh International Arbitration Centre until his sad demise on 1 July. He also served as a Member of the Executive Board of ICC, Paris for two consecutive three-year terms from July 2011 to June 2017. His unqualified support, contribution, guidance and active participation, since ICC Bangladesh started its journey in the 90’s, are remembrance with gratitude, according to the editorial of the current News Bulletin (July-Sept’ 2020) of International Chamber of Commerce-Bangladesh (ICCB) released today.

American dream at stake 

[caption id="attachment_28271" align="alignleft" width="119"] Amjad Hossain[/caption] This is in fact the picture of the situation in the United States of America, but the decision will be decided after the election in November this year followed by votes by the electoral college as well. The electoral college consists of 538 electors while majority of 270 electoral votes decides the President. It is interesting to note that electors are selected by political parties either before the general election or during the general electi...