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Lawsuit filed for Walker’s accident

Paul-Walker-640A lawsuit has been filed in the car crash that killed Paul Walker. Roger Rodas’s wife, Kristine, is suing Porsche over the Nov. 30, 2013, accident that killed her husband and the “Fast & Furious” actor in Santa Clarita, California. In the legal papers obtained, she alleges that the car company made a faulty vehicle and is suing for wrongful death and negligence.

The lawsuit states that Rodas, “a car enthusiast and an experienced race car driver,” and Walker, a “close friend and colleague,” were at a charity event for the actor’s Reach Out Worldwide, which was held at Rodas’s high performance vehicle shop, Always Evolving.

Rodas was highly experienced with cars and particularly Porsches, owning between “five to 10 … at any given time.” However, after leaving the event in the driver seat of his 2005 Carrera GT, “He drove not more than 100 yards when [it] malfunctioned, crashed, and ended both Mr. Rodas and Mr. Walker’s lives.” It also says that Rodas was driving “approximately 55 miles per hour” when he lost control of the vehicle.

The lawsuit claims that the car “went out of control due to the failure of a suspension component in the right rear wheel area,” hitting three different trees and making the car split into two pieces before becoming engulfed in flames.

The Carrera did not have a functioning crash cage, so the car could not withstand the impact, and had a malfunctioning fuel cell, which led to gas leaking and the car catching fire, so the accident had fatal results.

However, omitted from the papers, which were filed Monday, are the official crash investigation findings.

As reported in March, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation found that unsafe driving, not mechanical failure, caused the accident.

The report stated that Rodas was driving at a speed between 80 mph and 93 mph when the car began to drift coming out of a curve. The speed limit in the residential neighborhood is 45 mph.

Source: Yahoo! Celebrities