Market fears of political unrest

The capital market of Bangladesh is capturing deep concerns as the capital spending by the institutional and small investors has seen no profit due to political turmoil. The market is witnessing a fall time and therefore, the tactical investors is taking negative strategies to buy shares. They are now not interested to buying. In addition, some of them are involved in raising money by selling shares to the current portfolio. The main reason seems to be doing political instability and regulatory inactiveness. Recently, amidst the every day fall, investors are losing capital.

dse cseMarket analysts said, institutional investors were not active in the market because of the unstable political environment and individual investors are nervous. They do not want to go to the new investment. Opposite to sell shares in their hands to go out of the market As a result, the market loses balance. But the Bangladesh Bank’s firm stance has no impact as the new investment banks would not dare. Consequently the market has become lifeless. Moreover, the reduction in capital investment in the bank, to be followed in the case of Bangladesh Bank, the Bank to invest a lot less chance of an irrational approach. Review found that the turnover on the main index fell 351 points due to reduce the price. The index witnessed 7 per cent fall. The overall average of all shares index exceeds 1 percent. Political unrest is the cause as the situation is out of control and expressed fear that the end of the market concerned.

DSE has proposed a change in the method. Capital investment in unlisted shares to institutional investors in the stock market is not regarded as investment banks.

The subsidiary banks, merchant banks and brokerage houses, as well as working capital to invest in the stock market would not be considered a recommendation to them.

Now the investors of this market are looking forward to the Govt, politicians of our country and the regularity authority to change the situation and save the investors from this phenomenon.

By Saifuzzman Saif.