Medals for heroes of humanitarian services urged

Celebrated TV broadcaster, historian, and Freedom Fighter Muhammad Musa is urging Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to honour all doctors, nurses and medical assistants on the front-line in the war against Coronavirus Covid-19

The former Director-General of the Disaster Management Bureau and Government Secretary has proposed that all “noble and brave” medics are presented with The Bangabandhu Manabsheba Bir {Bangabandhu Hero of Humanitarian Services} on behalf of the nation to show its appreciation.

“A certificate, medal or crest in recognition of their outstanding devotion to helping humanity would be treasured by them for the rest of their lives and contribute immeasurably in the promotion of their service career,” he said.

“It’s a material ‘thank you’, they all richly deserve, that would be passed down with pride from one generation to the next as a family heirloom, as are those awarded to Freedom Fighters,” he added.

Musa, who has written five best-selling books on the history of Bangladesh, describes those on the front-line combating Coronavirus Covid-19 today as modern day heroes and heroines and akin to the Freedom Fighters of 1971.

“As in 1971 these noble people are risking their lives daily in the hope of saving the lives of complete strangers. They do this with enormous compassion and hope to Allah they themselves will be spared,” said the Secretary-General of the BCS Freedom Fighter and Mujibnagar Officers-Employees Association.

“By recognizing their treasured contribution in this Coronavirus Covid-19 war in the way I propose, will again etch your name deep in history as it did when you established a programme to thank Foreign Friends for their contribution to Bangladeshi in 1971,” he said.

(By Sir Frank Peters, a former newspaper and magazine publisher and editor, a Bangabandhu admirer, and a loyal foreign friend of Bangladesh).