Memorandum to ensure healthy sanitation system

A memorandum of understanding has been signed today ( 26-08-2014) among Dhaka North City Corporation, Dhaka South City Corporation, Dhaka WASA and WaterAid Bangladesh for construction, renovation as well as development of workable management models of public toilets in Dhaka city.

1In the modest ceremony held in the conference room of Local Government Division (LGD) at Bangladesh Secretariat Mr Monjur Hossain, Senior Secretary, LGD expressed his confidence from this collaboration – ‘a fully functional public sanitation system in the city, especially for the commuters’.

A study commissioned by WaterAid in 2011 found that, out of 47 public toilets in Dhaka more than half are not in minimum serviceable condition. Out of the total, 35 do not have facilities for women and children. The scenario reflects alarming and hazardous environmental health of the city. Besides, across all types of public toilets, the quality of services is generally poor and the provision of facilities for females and for the persons with disability is almost absent.

Under project SUNRISE, WaterAid and partners will be constructing and renovating public toilets across the city and ensure appropriate management of the same engaging companies with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To facilitate this process, Dhaka City Corporation North and South have agreed to provide space in different crowded places as well as under many foot-over bridges. Dhaka WASA has committed to extend their support to make them fully functional. This four years project is supported by H&M Conscious Foundation.