Momo in new movie

Although she started her career as Lux superstar in media, within very short time Jakia Bari Momo has established herself as a skilled and popular actress among the viewers. She got the National Film Award to perform in movie ‘Daruchini Dweep’ under the direction of Tawquir Ahmed. This movie was Momo acted first movie.


Later next few years Momo didn’t perform in any movie because she didn’t get good story and role to perform, according to her.
This time Momo is going to perform in new movie. She will perform in movie ‘Prem Korbo Tomar Sathe’ under the direction of Rakibul Alam Rakib. Shooting of this movie will start from January. Anisur Rahman Milon will perform against Momo in this movie. In this movie, Bollywood’s Anushka Sharma will also perform in an item song.
Today is the birthday of Jakia Bari Momo. She will pass the whole day along with her husband director and actor Ezaz Munna and only son Udvas.

While talking about to celebrate her birthday Momo told this correspondent, “To face a birthday, means to loss a year in life. Though everybody wishes on this day, but I personally think I am going to die. Everybody prays for me as I can continue to work in media successfully, remains physically and also passes happy life as I can introduce good plays to my fans. Also pray for me as I can successfully complete works of my new movie.”

Basically Momo is very eager to act in movie ‘Prem Korbo Tomar Sathe.’ Because she will get the opportunity to perform with internationally renowned heroine Bobita in this movie, Momo said.
It may be mentioned that Momo acted drama serial ‘Bhalobashar Chotushkone,’ directed by Shihab Shahin, is being aired on NTV now. Apurbo is acting against her in this serial.
Therefore, Momo-Apurbo’s recently mentionable play is ‘Nil Projapoti,’ which was also directed by Shihab Shahin. Within very short days this popular pair’s new play ‘Chomke Dilam,’ directed by Tuhin Hossain, will go on air, Momo said.