MTV Silver Disc Award goes to Waqeel

Gifted singer Waqeel won the MTV Chart Attack Silver Disk Award for the music video to his song Amrito Meger Bari, which topped MTV Bangladesh’s chart for three consecutive weeks. MTV Chart Attack features the most followed songs and videos based on public voting.


In MTV Chart Attack, which airs on Maasranga Television every Sunday at 11:30pm, Waqeel’s song Amrito Megher Bari held the second position for two weeks straight before settling in the number 1 position. The fusion singer’s unique rendition has given a new flavor to the Lalon song without hampering the originality of the song of soil. Regarding the success, Waqeel shares: “A Lalon song with a very peaceful musical arrangement was a completely odd inclusion to the MTV Chart Attack. But, the result is a pleasant surprise and I’m thankful to the audience for conveying their support through votes and good wishes.”

Singer-composer-lyricist Waqeel spent a remarkable period of his life with the Bauls, living in different parts of the country. A treasure trove of almost 1500 self-written songs in his possession, a big number fall to the genre of Baul. In his latest album titled Waqeel-er Gaan, he has infused folk, Baul and Western musical patterns in the songs he has written, composed and rendered. When asked about his interest in this particular genre Waqeel said: “Baul songs speak about the simple and unavoidable truths of life. Other musical genres may be attractive, but when it comes to lyrics, no other genre can compete with the depth that is an inherent aspect of Baul songs.

“The songs of the great philosopher Lalon is my inspiration for my inclination towards this genre. The authenticity and intensity of his lyrics is very appealing to me.”

Waqeel has recently released five music videos and more are in the pipeline. “I was never regular in the media. 40 of my songs are available in the market and many became quite big hits, but my face is not known to people. Since I have dedicated myself to music and took it as my profession, appearing in music videos has become a necessity.”

In his upcoming album, Waqeel is going to enchant the audience by presenting an array of romantic songs with the essence of Eastern emotions in the lyrics, with Western expressions in the musical arrangement.

source:dhaka tribune