5:18 pm - Saturday June 14, 3428

Mushfiq becomes Goldmark’s brand ambassador

Goldmark Foods Ltd has signed a one year contract with Bangladesh national cricket team’s captain Mushfiqur Rahim as its Brand Ambassador. A grand signing ceremony was held for the occasion at The Westin Hotel on Tuesday.

IMG_5814The signing event was attended by Goldmark Foods Ltd Managing Director Mohammad Bashir, its Executive Director Jahir Uddin Mahmud Khan, General Manager (Marketing) Md. Monir Hossain and Brand Manager Md. Golam Sarwar Rubel. On the otherhand, Monowar Hossain Pathan, Managing Director of Prionti Communication and Geeteara Safiya Choudhury, Chairman of ADCOMM LTD. also present in the signing ceremony event.

Mushfiqur Rahim, the captain of Bangladesh national cricket team is well-reputed for his excellent leadership skills. He has been successfully leading the team, encouraging members to play their best, and bolstering support of the Bangladesh team. Mushfiqur Rahim’s leadership skills and his determination for making positive changes connect well with Goldmark’s motto ‘Nikhad Swade Sobai Ek’. For the next one year, Mushfiqur Rahim will propel the company with his vibrant presence throughout Goldmark’s advertising and brand promotions, bringing his appeal on the field to product billboards and ads, which will bring an interesting touch to the company’s future promotions. All advertisements and technical support will be provided by the renowned advertising agency, Adcomm Limited.

Goldmark Foods Ltd. is an up-and-coming giant in the food sector in Bangladesh, currently popular for their existing biscuits and cookies available in the market.

Given Goldmark Foods Ltd’s fast growing success in the market, this alliance hopes to boost the company reach to a new level of success.