Onion hits kitchen market with increase by Tk 25 per kg

The onion price rose by Tk 25 per kg by the weekend and was selling at Tk 115 per kg which is considered to be shock of the nationwide blockade. The imported onion was found selling slightly at lower rate.

The blockade has also contributed to the rise of vegetables’ price since none of the products was selling below Tk 40 on Friday. However, there was abundance of supplies.

Shamim Ahmed, a wholesaler said at Karwan Bazar that huge quantities of vegetables had been rotten in different parts of the country, including Bogra and Jessore. So, producers have increased the price to recover losses.

onionOn Friday newly harvest potato was selling at Tk40 per kg, green chilli at Tk70 to 80 bean at Tk 60, brinjal at Tk 50, okra Tk60 , snake gourd at Tk 70, bitter gourd at Tk 50, green bean at Tk 70, cucumber at Tk 50, tomato Tk120, green tomato at Tk50 to 60, carrot at Tk60, radish at Tk 40, cauliflower at Tk40 per piece, cabbage at Tk 35 per piece, parbal at Tk 40, teasel gourd at Tk 60, zucchini at Tk 40 and coriander leaves at Tk 450 per kg. A medium size of ash gourd and pumpkin was selling at Tk 45 from tk35 and Tk 80 from Tk 60 per piece respectively.

One bundle of basil weighing 250 grams was selling for Tk 20 only; four bundles of spinach and celery weighing 250 grams were on sale for Tk 20 each. Mustered and radish leaves were felling about Tk 18 per bundle.

Cinnamon was selling at Tk 260- 320, cardamom at Tk 1600-2200, cumin at Tk 380 to Tk420, cloves at Tk 1600, dry chilli at Tk 170-200 and turmeric at Tk 100-140 per kg. Onion was selling local was at TK 85 per kg, contrarily ginger (local) was selling at Tk 180, China ginger at Tk 200, garlic (China) at Tk 90, local garlic at Tk85 and garlic (one cell) at Tk 130.

As for fish, barbal and scorpion were sold at Tk 700 to Tk 800 per kilo each, ruhit at Tk 250 to 400, carp at Tk 300 to Tk 450, shrimp and lobster at Tk 400 to Tk 600, pangas at Tk 150-170, tilapia at Tk 150 to Tk 180, mola for Tk 220, climbing fish at Tk 250 to 600, lata at Tk 200 to Tk 240, tatkini at Tk 200 to Tk 220, sheat fish at Tk 300 to Tk 500, small fry fish for Tk 250 and butter fish at Tk 660 to Tk 700.

Beef was selling at Tk 290 toTk 300 per kg, red meat at Tk 400-450 and Broiler chicken at Tk 150 from Tk 130 per kg. But local fowl is costly, selling at Tk 600 per kilo. Per hali egg (4 pieces) was selling at Tk28.

Different varieties of red lentil are sold between Tk 80 and Tk 130 per kg and gram between Tk 60 and Tk 70, unchanged from past week. The price of bottled soya bean oil (five litres) remained unchanged and it was selling at Tk 570-Tk 585 in the city’s kitchen markets. The unpacked soya bean oil was retailing at Tk 112-115 a kg.

Of the rice, Minicate was selling at Tk 48 to 52 per kg, nazirshail varieties at Tk 56 to 60, lata variety at Tk 40-42 and coarse variety at Tk 40-42. A packet of coarse flour (containing two kgs) was sold at Tk 85-90 on Friday increase Tk 15 per kg.

Babul Ahmed, importer of essential commodities to Moulvibazar in old Dhaka said, if the political situation does not improve, price might increase further.