Only 18 countries are bigger than Apple

Apple‘s market cap is larger than the GDPs of every country of the world, except for 18 of them.

apple-solar-systemIn Jewish numeric tradition, 18 is a blessed number, signifying life, so it is appropriate that only 18 exceptional countries have the privilege of being bigger than Apple, the corporation that is making life for average people seem unimaginable without its immediately indispensable gadgets.

Saudi Arabia is the newest country that Apple has surpassed in financial size, as reported by Emirates 247. The charmed 18 include: U.S., China, Japan, Germany, France, U.K., Brazil, Italy, Russia, India, Canada, Australia, Spain, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, Netherlands and Turkey.

Apple, which hedge fund manager Carl Icahn says is the best stock in a decade, and is a “no brainer” of a buy, reached a market cap of $752 billion, topping Saudi Arabia’s GDP of $748 billion. The company is double the size of Microsoft and of Google. Carl Icahn thinks the stock could go even higher, and sets his target at $216 well above its high of $124. If Icahn is right, Apple will then be bigger than Turkey, the Netherlands, Indonesia and Mexico.