Orientation on adolescent, youth friendly healthcare services at Bandarban

A 3-day orientation session on adolescent and youth-friendly healthcare services was completed at the Mother and Child Welfare Center in Bandarban on the initiative of Our Lives, Our Health, Our Futures (OLHF) project. The session started at 10 am on May 17, 2022 and ended on May 19. The Orientation Session was attended by 43 participants including Medical Officers, Sub-Assistant Community Medical Officers of Health and Family Planning Departments of District & Upazila Level, and Family Planning Officers of Bandarban Sadar, Rowangchhari, Thanchi Upazila.

Civil Surgeon Dr. Nihar Ranjan Nandi was present as the chief guest in the orientation session. Program jointly organized by AKS, Tahzingdong and GRAUS with the overall cooperation of Simavi and BNPS funded by the European Union. Deputy Director of the Department of Family Planning Dr. Aung Thaloo and Project Manager of Bangladesh Nari Progati Sangha Sanjoy Majumder were present as a special guest. The inaugural session was presented by Deedhiti Chakma, Project Coordinator, Ananya Kallyan Sanghathon, and was presided over by Daw Nai Prue Naly, Executive Director of the organization. Among others, Mong Thoui Ching Marma, Chairperson of GRAUS, U Chaw Nue Marma, Manager of Human Resources and Administration at Tahzingdong, and Pathfinder International’s District Program Officer Dr. Soomthong Murong, UNFPA District Representative Dhana Ranjan Tripura were speaking.

The day-long orientation session from May 17-19 was attended by the Deputy Civil Surgeon (In-charge) Dr. Thoai Aung Ching Marma, Gynecologist and Obstetrician at Bandarban Sadar Hospital Dr. Nazneen Ahmed, Dr. Mahmoud Al Farabi, Junior Consultant (Child), Medical Officer Tafneen Farhana, Advocate Umasing Marma, Development and Human Rights Activist Ubanu Marma, Master Trainer Sumit Banik. Uma Ching Marma, Ramesh Chandra Tanchangya along with AKS, GRAUS, Tahzingdong’s project officers and field staff were in charge of the overall coordination of the 3-day orientation.

Speakers at various stages of the orientation said that, a large part of our huge population is adolescents. We should not view overpopulation as a burden; we should turn it into an asset. That is why there is no alternative to increase our professional skills. At the same time, we should be to apply acquired skills in development of reproductive and sexual health of adolescents, because adolescence period is an important time in a whole life. During this time both boys and girls undergo physical and mental changes. In many cases in our society the physical and mental changes of this age are not viewed positively. Many undesirable things happen in the lives of adolescents due to different kinds of curiosity and misconceptions in the subconscious mind. If we all together can provide accurate information and health care to adolescents at this time, it is possible to prevent many unforeseen events. The demand for health care is being created as a result of various public and private development initiatives. The demand for services is being created among the adolescents at the marginal level. We all need to make sure that they get quality health care. Speakers emphasized the importance of enhancing the youth-friendly healthcare services and functioning the health centers.


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