How to pick the right perfume

The trick to finding the right perfume from a crowd of random colognes

Does your lady love think of you when your perfume lingers on her dupatta? Or does it remind her of a department store’s on-sale section? The difference between a gentlemen’s sophisticated cologne and the pungent overuse of cheap deodorant could be the difference in your confidence levels.


Be it chatting up a woman or making a statement at the board meeting, every man needs to find a scent that suits his personality and compliments his dressing sense.

Wearing one fragrance simplifies your morning routine; men who change colognes like they would their gym pants are likely to be lost in a crowd. The journey to finding their one fragrance includes a bit of soul searching and some help from us.

The family perfume
The first step is to have a clear understanding of which scents appeal to you. Look for traits of a classification system for fragrances, like florals (dominated by one or more flower), amber (both, sweet and exotic) and woody (typified by sandalwood and cedar tones). Then there is the leather family (honey and tobacco), bergamot and labdanum are found in the chypre category, and herbaceous fougere scents are composed of lavender, coumarone and oak moss. Modern fragrance families include citrus-based scents, aquatic ones (which are clean and unisex) and green scents (which are light and typified by notes like grass or cucumber).

Listen to your nose
The fragrance you choose will represent you, so search deep for what aspects of your personality you’d like to highlight. Take your time when searching for the right mix of smells that define you. Visit your nearest mall and sample the spoils. Breathe in deep and imagine the scene before you. Let your nostrils linger and trust your gut.

Refrain from making your own potions by Googling aphrodisiacs. Knocking a girl out with a whiff of your potent elixir won’t work, trust us.

Sniff to select
Cleanse your nasal palette. Don’t sniff more than three scents in one session and put something woolly, like a scarf, close to your nose to inhale between smells.

Keep in mind your natural body odour, the weather of your city and is places you travel to. How active is your usual work day? This should impact your choice.

The cheat code
If you think you are steadfast with a mysterious allure, go for a musky, amber-based scent.

Charismatic guys who are always chasing their next adventure should invest in a woody concoction.

Sporty men are likely to feel most comfortable with a smell that’s as energetic and enthusiastic as they are, so seek out fresh citrus, green or aquatic fragrances. If you are the hopeless romantic, try the floral fragrances.

The ‘macho’ man with traits of ambition will find his fragrant soul mate in heady fougere colognes.

Create a concoction
A certain way to create a scent unique only to you is to mix and match with fragrances. Begin with a sexy, musky scent and follow it with something sweeter. When you feel like you have found your scent, get a second opinion.