Remittance inflow in May declines to $1202 million

The country’s foreign remittance earning last month slightly declined to stand at $ 1202.18 million compared to $ 1230.57 million the previous month of April.

The remittance inflow in March totalled $ 1288.62 million, according to the latest data provided by the Bangladesh Bank.

The central bank data also showed that some $ 14,461.14 million came as remittance in the last fiscal year (2012-13).

remittanceOf the total remitted amount till May this year, the highest $ 801.61 million came through the private commercial banks, reports UNB.

This was followed by $ 371.13 million through four state-owned commercial banks, $ 15.32 million through four specialised banks and $ 14.11 million through foreign commercial banks operating in Bangladesh.

Analysing the central bank data, it was found that the highest amount of $ 331.19 million came through Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd, followed by $ 128.28 million through Agrani Bank, $ 108.60 million through Janata Bank Ltd, $ 118.43 million through Sonali Bank Ltd, $ 57.54 million through National Bank Ltd, $ 29.38 million through Brac Bank Ltd and $ 15.82 million through Rupali Bank.

The country’s remittance inflow totalled $12,843.43 million in the fiscal 2011-12 compared to $11,650.31 million in the previous fiscal (2010-11).