Robi draws huge profit despite poll-unrest

The telecom operator condemns the political unrest, what they said is to be blamed for ‘low revenue’


Mobile phone operator Robi hauled a huge profit in 2013, the year of elections filled with political trivia especially in the last quarter.

A report released by the third largest mobile operator of the country on Thursday said its profit was over Tk365 crore in 2013, what was only Tk91 crore in 2012.

However, their profit in the last quarter, from October to December, was negatively impacted due to political unrest, the report said.

The telecom operator managed to sustain a 16% growth with over Tk4,500 crore raised in revenue during 2013, what was nearly Tk3,900 crore in 2012.

The revenue in the fourth quarter (October-December) of 2013 amounted to Tk1,013 crore, what was Tk1,173 crore in the third (July-September), the report said.

Robi apprehended the affect of political turmoil on the earnings of the country’s telecommunication industry according to one of its senior executive officer.

The average per subscriber usage of the institution dropped drastically to 155 minutes per month compared to what was 1,631 minutes per month previously.