Robi facebook page ranks 6th internationally

The Robi social media page has been recognized as 6th among the top 10 Socially Devoted Worldwide Brands for Q4, 2013, by acclaimed social network reporting company Social Bakers.


According to Social Bakers, Robi Axiata Limited’s Facebook fan page ( was recognized in 6th position amongst the top 10 Socially Devoted Worldwide Brands and placed 4th among all Telecom Worldwide Brands on Facebook in Q4, 2013.

CEO and Co-founder of Social Bakers, Jan Rezab personally congratulated Robi through a video message and a certificate. Social Bakers rates social network brand pages across a few parameters – Answered minus Unanswered Questions, i.e. number of queries answered deducted against number of queries unanswered; as well as the average Response Time and Response Rate of each query.(for user posts)

The Robifanz page rates an average 40 minutes respond time to user wall posts against an 89.67 per cent response rate. On average more than 300 user posts are received every day totaling an average of posts, comments and SMSs (inbox messages) of 1500 each day.

The Robifanz Facebook page was launched in March 2011 and serves as an active platform for Robi users and fans alike to interact with a dedicated team of Robi representatives.